Tri-Pod Workshop Artists Exhibiting at BPB & BPF 2014











Photographic Artists who took part in our Tri-Pod workshop at Photofusion in 2012, Myka Baum and Jonathan Goldberg and Tee Chandler and Barry Falk who are currently taking part in our 6 month on-going project development group in Brighton, are all exhibiting this year at Brighton Photo Biennial/Fringe.

Myka met one of our mentors, Sue Steward during the Tri-Pod weekend workshop and Sue continued to support Myka’s work and selected her for an exhibition she’s curated for Photo Hastings titled ‘Autumn Germination, the Sprouting of New Ideas’, at The Photo Fringe, Collectives’ Hub, 7th Floor, Vantage Point, Brighton.

Jonathan was successfully selected for the Biennial ‘One Planet’ commission in collaboration with FotoDocument & Photoworks and is exhibiting his project at Brighton Train Station.

Tee Chandler who is part of Merge Collective has been selected to exhibit ‘Sea of Plastic’ at the Photo Fringe Collectives’ Hub and Barry Falk’s exhibition ‘Incidental Spaces’ is showing at Gallery 40, Gloucester Terrace from the 13th Oct. It’s great to see all these artists projects flourish and relationships developed through the Tri-Pod network grow.

Statement from Myka Baum ….

Miss Havisham's Larder 1 / Tomato Webb












Since the professional development workshop with Tri-pod I continued to meet regularly with a peer support group established following on from the workshop. Since then I attended some short courses to develop technique and skills. I applied for the MA in Printmaking at the Royal College and was invited to an interview but only got a place on the waiting list. I’m not too bothered by it other than that I’ve been chasing up feedback that I was promised – to no albeit.

This summer I attended Dartmoor Arts Summer School’s Photo Works, run by Susan Derges. It was an intense week that felt equivalent to a term at college. I received very positive and encouraging feedback from Susan and Chrystel Lebas. Both said they would buy my work. I just wish they wouldn’t just talk about it!! Our conversation made me question study at MA level once more, given the politics and extortionate fees. Being largely self-taught I am now considering to continue down that path, with continued professional development workshops, short courses, portfolio reviews, talks and peer support.
This summer saw me do my first artist residency at my local city farm where I produced new work inspired by the collapse of the beehive. This body of work ‘Bonfire In A Beehive’ is part of a substantial exhibition of mine at Brighton Photo Fringe titled ’Sub-cultures’, alongside some of my work from Miss Havisham’s Larder, first shown as part of Tri-pod Photofusion show, and work from my City Crops series.
Sue Steward, a mentor from the Tri-pod workshop who has continuously been encouraging me, invited me to show as part of her exhibition ‘Autumn Germination’ alongside Alexander Brattell, Cathryn Kemp and Lucinda Wells.

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