About Tri-pod

Tri-pod aims to develop a creative model for the realisation of photographic projects and to find new ways of working with creatives using an informal group structure.

The initial idea arose from photographer Wendy Pye’s realisation that, having completed a Masters in Photographic Arts, she would benefit from the focus and commitment of developing a project with the support of an informal group of like-minded photographers. The group is facilitated by deputy and online editor of HotShoe magazine Miranda Gavin with the aim of sharing her knowledge of the contemporary photography industry. Miranda has a background in photography, media training and education and is a regular contributor to a range of international photography publications including the British Journal of Photography, F2 and KATALOG.

Miranda Gavin said: “We’re not going to tell you how to be a photographer or how to take photos, this is about your practice and your working process. It stems from a belief in working individually, but also harnessing the support of a group. The Tri-Pod photography project development group hopes to engage with the creative process using a variety of strategies and approaches over a six-month period. The group idea is premised on the belief that some photographers would benefit from the support of peers. In the absence of such a group, we want to set one up.”

The first group, was set up in April 2010 and ran for eighteen months as a closed research and development group. The 9 members were selected from an application/proposal process and after a successful six months of research and development this first group decided to continue working together with the aim of completing a body of work, developed during this time and culminating in an exhibition at Hotshoe Gallery in London.

The group helps participants focus and structure their ideas as well as provide opportunities for meeting and receiving feedback from a variety of relevant industry professionals, including curators, gallerists, agents and editors.

If you are interested in future groups please contact info@tri-pod.co.uk