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Zoe’s American work in Landscape Stories this month

Really pleased to get the first bit of international publicity for my Colorado residency project particularly as Landscape Stories are doing such good work bringing together photographers from around the globe to present their vision of each edition’s theme.


Tri-Pod Meeting 12 April 2011

Zoe Childerley- 18/03/11
Judith, Ellie and Melanie showed new work to the group for feedback and everyone has set some goals for the May meeting, now also, with the summer group show in mind. Miranda and Wendy put forward a suggestion for the exhibition theme that centres on alternative ways of presenting images to explore the way we engage with photography and enhance the viewing experience. A lot of people in the group are already looking into alternative presentation so it could be an exciting point to highlight, bringing an eclectic show of work together.

Natasha has offered to host the Contact Editions v’s Tri-Pod event at her newly opened studio space StudioSTRIKE, penciled in for June 25th. Natasha will be in touch with further info about the evening and if anyone wants to read more about Contact Editions and the Contact vs evenings look at
Other artists and events to look at in response to discussions:

Susan Hiller at The Tate Britain

Susan Hiller installation at The Tate Britain

Yinka Shonibare at The Parasol Unit
Duncan Caratacus Clark’s research
Maurizio Anzeri’s portraits made by sewing into found vintage photographs
Stuart Bailes’ constructs,
‘A Bomb’ Pictures of Disaster – Daniel Blau Gallery