Tri-Pod presents ‘Inside Out’ at Photofusion Gallery

Left image: Jocelyn Allen Right image: Anne Vinogradoff

Left image:Jocelyn Allen
Right image:Anne Vinogradoff

Tri-pod is launching its second exhibition Inside Out at Photofusion Gallery in Brixton, London from 9-30 August featuring the work of two visual artists using photography, Anne Vinogradoff and Jocelyn Allen.

The two exhibitors were selected from a group of photographers and lens-based artists who have attended a Tri-pod workshop in 2012 & 2013. Miranda and I wanted to bring two projects together that formed a dialogue between the chosen artists as well as with the audience so we selected Vinogradoff and Allen as their works share similar themes around women, self image and identity through the use of photography, film and object based works.

Anne Vinogradoff (
Anne presents Women: A Curvy Journey drawing on work from six series created over the past two years. Vinogradoff offers both a personal, autobiographical perspective, as well as a global viewpoint as she explores the trajectory of womankind throughout history. In creating these works, Vinogradoff asks the audience to consider ancient ideologies and their relevance to contemporary society while seeking to challenge commonly-held dogmas relating to female identity. The result is a multilayered, interactive installation of analogue photography realised as 3-D objects.

Jocelyn Allen (
Jocelyn’s self portraits from the series Your Mind & Body Is All That You’ve Got are taken from forty sittings over the last six months of 2012. What started out as a few images documenting Allen’s reaction to the changes within the skin of her body evolved to become a highly personal journey of acceptance, self reflection and realisation. The self portraits reveal and chart moments of playfulness and self confidence alongside ones of shyness and self doubt.

Tri-pod has also invited Myka Baum ( to show work from her ongoing series, Miss Havisham’s Larder on the Photofusion Street Gallery Wall. The work is inspired by the cycles of nature and transformation and explores the minutia of growth and decay using a variety of painstaking processes engaging both natural and mechanical reproduction.

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